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Introduction of Beijing Hospital

太阳集团登陆Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health is a modern general hospital open to the public, with a special mandate to provide medical and health service to senior officials. While focusing on geriatrics, it embraces medicine, teaching, scientific research and disease prevention. The name of the hospital is in Chairman Mao Zedong’s own handwriting which he did in February 1950.


Beijing Hospital now has 2,327 employees, 532 doctors, 851 nurses, 195 technicians, 87 pharmacists, and 57 laboratory technicians, among whom 307 hold senior professional titles.


Beijing Hospital boast a galaxy of renowned experts and is well equipped with state-of-the-art medical apparatuses and sophisticated instruments, such as PET/CT, SPECT, Multi-Slice CT, Biplane DSA System, Superconducting 3.0 T MRI Scanner, IGRT-Linac, Digital Radiography (DR), Cardio-Ventral Ultrasonic System, etc.


Adhering to the principle of “putting people first and striving for excellence and efficiency”, the hospital management and staff aim to provide the patients with the first class technology, the first class instruments, the first class environment and the first class service.? As a hospital directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, Beijing Hospital is playing an important role in providing medical and health service to senior officials as well as patients from Beijing and other cities of China.

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